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Tan Polka-Dot Pantyhose


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I just love the sweet polka-dot pattern on these Tan Pantyhose. But, more than that, I just love the way they hug all my bumps and curves so snugly and make me feel especially tingly and sexy. And I think you'll feel exactly the same way when you pull them on . . . over your own curves AND bumps !!!

In fact I'm sure they'll stretch even MORE tightly over that one special bump of yours in particular . . . because I just KNOW you will have a rather large bump as you feel the hose caressing your skin just where it has been caressing mine. And, of course, when you smell my sweet and musky scents still encrusted in the soft, clingy, fabric itself . . . I'm sure you'll LOVE wearing these just as much as I have.

Enjoy !!!



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