Mistress Modesty Ablaze


Above all I value honesty, respect, sincerity and discretion!

This is how I approach any prospective meeting . . . and what I will expect, and demand, in return.

I always reply to enquiries made from my Contact form with specific details of my Terms and Requirements. I detest time-wasters and people who have clearly not read these . . . so if you are not serious in your intentions do not waste my time with further and endless questions.

I always adhere to safe and completely consensual sessions and always respect safe words and signals. What I enjoy most about domination, and your total submission and worship, is your enjoyment of those same sensations.

As I have said in my introduction, I am continually discovering new experiences and situations with each new session and each new submissive. And I enjoy the feeling of power and yes, sexual arousal, I often feel from your total submisson. Therefore the list below of what I do enjoy, and also the list of what I don’t enjoy, is not exhaustive and I reserve the right to add certain activities to either . . . or to decline an activity should I not feel comfortable at that particular moment in time. Most important of all for me is to have fun in my sessions . . . I am strict and firm, but there will always be lots of teasing, lots of laughter and lots of interaction. If you want silent and brutal and non-inclusive domination, then I am not the Mistress for you.

And although I am always open to specific requests and suggestions from my Contact form  I will always expect you to accept my response without further question.

No means no and I will very quickly lose patience and respect should you be foolish enough to ask again!

What I Do Like !!!

  •  Foot Worship (Massage & Toe Sucking)
  •  Bondage
  •  Caning & Flogging
  •  Cock & Ball Restriction
  •  Cuckholding
  •  Cigar or E-cigarette smoking
  • Coerced Bi
  • Human Furniture
  • Milking
  • Queening boxes
  • Slave training
  • Spanking
  • Strap-on
  • Trampling

NB: I am NOT into Extremes…

What I Don’t Like !!!

NB: I am NOT an Escort. So you may look but you cannot touch. Unless, of course, I specifically command you to do so!

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